Exploring Galway and surroundings

When you arrive in a new city you fell you have a lot to understand and explore. Galway might seem like a small town depending where you come from but it is full of surprises and interesting places to visit. Not only the city but also its surroundings make the ride even more pleasant. In this post I will tell 5 different experiences I had during my year as an LLM student at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUIG that might help new students to settle and have a good time.

Each one of these experiences was shared with people, so don’t be afraid to go out there and invite your classmates to have some craic (fun)! Making a facebook group might help everyone to get in touch and post invitations, events information, etc.


#1 Admire the sky of Ireland

It doesn’t matter where you come from, I’m sure the sunsets in Ireland will impress you. I always had the feeling the sky was infinite in Ireland. In one single sunset you can see a countless colors, shapes and textures.

Invite your classmates to sit by the Spanish Arch to see this beauty!


#2 Visit Barna Woods

Barna Woods have been claimed to have the last natural growing oaks in the west of Ireland. It’s only approximately 3 miles from Galway city centre near Galway Bay. If you are going with 3 or more friends, it’s better to take a taxi from Eyre Square. Nevertheless you can bike or take a bus.

It’s a beautiful and perfect program for Saturday or Sunday morning. After seeing the woods you can walk to the beach (10 minutes walk) and enjoy a picnic with your friends!


#3 Spend a weekend in Connemara

As Oscar Wilde described it, ‘Connemara is a savage beauty’. Its landscape and coastline are endlessly inspiring. From Galway you can either take a bus or rent a car. There are also day trips there, but I would strongly recommend spending more than one day in Connemara.

You can explore mountains such as the Diamond Hill and beaches all down the coast. If you want to spend the night by The Connemara National Park, you can stay at The Old Monastery Hostel. The price is reasonable and the place is quite unique.


#4 Experiment little spots and its food

 Galway has plenty of little cafes, pubs and restaurants. You don’t need to go mainstream at Shop Street. Check on Trip Advisor and you will always find a good and affordable option. Some of the places I went and I strongly recommend are: The Dough Bros, The Crane Bar, Kai, The Secret Garden, Ard Bia at Nimmos and Cupen Tae.


#5 Be grateful to study at NUI, Galway

NUI, Galway represents the top 2% prestigious universities in the world. Studying here is a privilege for a few people. You will have access to an excellent library and online database, listen to very professional and prepared Professors and lectures and make connections with people from all over the world. Plus the environment is just graceful. Every single side of the university has a hidden beauty. It’s amazing to study in this environment. Check out some pictures I took in campus!






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